Lessons For Today
"Flourish Where You Are Planted"
By Monica Hernandez, Ph.D.
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A Collection of 15 Scripture-based Vignettes that Motivate, Encourage and Inspire.

Lessons for Today
is a series of ebooks written for those who seek spiritual mastery over life’s everyday challenges. Each ebook is a collection of 15 Scripture-based vignettes in an easy to read format, filled with counsel, motivation, inspiration and practical Christian teachings, meant to encourage and strengthen you in your everyday life.

In this ebook, the First Series of these lessons, you will find topics that address various everyday difficulties, and show how they can be overcome by using practical and biblical principles, for example, breaking unwanted habits, developing assertiveness, stability, spiritual discipline, and prosperity.

Discovering inner peace and reaching other spiritual goals are also addressed in these lessons.

Our purpose is to share with you a way of life that would enrich your everyday experience, therefore at the end of each lesson, five "Question Helps" and "Where to Turn..." are given, and both these Helps are relevant to the given lesson.

As well, "Personal Reflections" and "Timeless Gems" relevant to the lesson are given. It is our hope that as you make use of these teachings and their various Helps, the Spirit of God will bless you with insights and impartations from Himself, and we encourage you to journalize these spiritual revelations as they come.

Lessons For Today is also an audio book on four CDs,
read to you by its author, Monica Hernandez

Titles of the vignettes are as follows:
  1. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  2. The Power Of Belief
  3. What Have You In The House?
  4. Diamonds In The Rough
  5. Discipline and Temperance
  6. Finding Wisdom and Getting Understanding
  7. Write Yourself A Vision Plan
  8. To Thine Own Self Be True
  9. Break The Hurrying Habit
  10. Flourish Where You Are Planted
  11. Dealing With Decisions
  12. True Giving and Receiving
  13. Become Your Brother’s Keeper
  14. Settle Your Differences Quickly
  15. Discover Inner Peace
All Scriptures are quoted from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible except where noted otherwise.

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