Seasons Of Change

Just a few weeks ago, I drove in an area where a few trees were already beginning to change their leaves to golden yellow, brown and red, heralding the Fall season. And I thought to myself, how beautiful are the trees in the Fall season, but then again, I thought, how beautiful are the trees in every season of the year.

In the Spring, young leaves appear on the mostly bare branches, and are beautiful. And in the Summer, the trees are in full bloom and beauty. In the Fall, the leaves yet need no reminder to change their colour and eventually fall away, still maintaining a beauty of their own. And in Winter, they are still beautiful in another way.

At every change, the trees need no reminder to do what they are supposed to do. Truly, the soil and weather play an important part in the way the trees look, but nature works as a timer and does its job in every way. As I pondered the transition of the seasons from one to another, and the effect they have on the trees, it reminded me of our natural and spiritual seasons of change.

We go from being babies into our childhood years, then to young adulthood and then into our mature years. And we need no reminders to make the change; it is automatic. And just as there is beauty in the trees at every change of season, so there is beauty in every change of season in our lives, naturally and spiritually.

And there is meaning and purpose in every change of season in our lives, as well.

God is the Author of times and seasons and the purpose of them all. And when I contemplate His omniscience and omnipotence as Creator of all that is in the heavens, the earth and the seas out of nothing, it make me humble in the presence of His intelligence and greatness.

Today, give some thought to the greatness of the God we serve and ask Him to help you accept the changing seasons in your life; also to see the beauty, purpose and meaning in every change.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).