Where Can I Hide From God?

I am still reflecting on Psalm 139 and understanding more about my connection with my Creator and His knowledge of me. Throughout my life, God knows all about me. He knows who I am at the depth of my being, even my most secret thoughts. He knows my ways, all that I say and do, and intend to say and do. I can hide my thoughts and feelings from persons around me, but I cannot hide them from God. My life to Him is like an open book.

His knowledge of me is beyond my comprehension; it is too high for me to attain. He knows my darkest moments; He knows my shining moments too. Darkness and light make no difference to Him. His intelligence penetrates everything.

He knew me before I knew myself. Even in my mother’s womb, He knew me, and created me fearfully and wonderfully. He fashioned me in secret, even before the parts of my body were anything at all, and made those parts to function, and I do not know how.

Like the universe, galaxies and all things, seen and unseen, He created me out of nothing.

Where can I hide from God? Can I out-run Him and get away? He is every where I go. If I could ascend up into heaven I would find him there, and if I could descend into hell I would also find Him there. His eyes are upon me and His hand is upon me, always leading me gently in a closer walk with Him. His thoughts are upon me. And they are to me more precious than diamonds, and they are so many, even more than the sand on this earth

Like the psalmist David, I praise God for His all-seeing, all-knowing and ever-present nature. There is none like Him.

Lord, help me to despise wickedness just as you despise it and help me not to call your name in vain. Search my heart and cleanse it, and lead me in your ways that are everlasting.

“Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence?” (Psalm 139:7).